Helping your children achieve their potential

Welcome to the Luton Tuition Centre incorporating First Class Learning. We support children from 3 years to 16 years old, from both state and independent sectors in maths and English. We aim to build confidence and help each child to realise their potential. 

Students of all ages attend our study centres at:

Bushmead Community Centre LU2 7SF 

William Austin Infant School LU3 1PZ. 

We cater for Children from Early Years and primary through to GCSE.

The pace and content of the learning is individualised for each student.  Under Karim’s unique instruction the learning content and pace will be individualised to meet your children's personal learning needs, to help them gain confidence in their own abilities and to develop independent learning skills. Your children can harness their new skills to make better progress in their studies at school.

Karim believes it’s important that children develop problem solving experience from the early stages and so students are taught early on how to apply maths to problem solving and are taught a step by step guide to comprehension and creative writing. At Luton tuition centres we believe 'SEEK EXCELLENCE AND SUCCESS WILL FOLLOW'


Wednesday 4.15pm – 6pm


Name: Karim Kingsley 

Phone: 01763 281 351



Facebook: karim.kingsley


The classes have given my girls natural agility and confidence with mental arithmetic and the ability to spot the patterns and connections that are the key to unlocking a mathematical mind. They are able to manipulate numbers with increasing levels of speed, accuracy and fluency and this helps them to meet and exceed the demands of the new National Curriculum. #


I would highly recommend First Class learning to any parent, whether your child is finding maths challenging or if they are already exceeding expected age related levels, as it caters for all needs and abilities. #