Zenjie Women – Natural Strength Training

Zenjie Women has three excellent instructors in Mrs Nuria Barnett, Dr Catherine Drake-Wilkes and Ms Heather Mitchell are fully qualified KIXA Instructors. Having travelled to SE Asia to study and learn Central Power Breathing Techniques. We offer empowerment classes to Women in Bedford/Luton/Herts/London.

The breathing techniques combine with self defence (non-combat) to bring together an enjoyable fitness/breathing class of one hour. You will be taught to control your breathing and strengthen your stomach muscles. As well as improve concentration and motivation.

" From my own experience, it has helped me overcome stress, helped me stay calm and cured my panic attacks and anxiety as a result of Perimenopause". (Nuria Barnett)

Women of all ages 12 – 65 are welcome to join (older members are welcome if fit and healthy).

No mats are required for this class. Loose comfortable clothing and a bottle of water is all you need.


Monday: 7 – 8pm

Tuesday: 7 – 8pm

Thursday: 7 – 8pm Mat Pilates

All classes take place in the Warden Room



Phone: 07528 471091

E-mail: zenjiewomen@gmail.com

Website: www.beyourself4health.co.uk



Enjoyable, relaxing hour helps me forget my problems & gives me back my energy! #

Lorna H


I am a careworker and the breathing techniques have helped me relax before starting work #

Bernadette P