Be Yourself 4 Health – Pilates Classes

Ladies Mat Pilates Classes

Enjoy an hours exercise in a group workshop class. Go through a combination of classical and contemporary Joseph Pilates exercises with small equipment. If you thought Pilates was an easy option, think again.

I'm a true advocate for the Pilates Journey & can say that practicing Pilates regularly has staved off joint pain & muscular problems from over exercising. Up to & including helping me through symptoms of Menopause & helping me keep my body young & supple through my now 50's.

I went through some high cortisol years where Cardio was simply too painful & Pilates was just the best, giving me a sense of relaxation, body awareness, limb lengthening & tone.

I have been teaching Pilates since 2014 mainly in Community Centres / Village Halls & have had various women only classes.

Level 3 Instructor Qualified & Insured

Nuria Saunders


Monday: 7pm – 8pm

Wednesday: 6.30pm - 7.30pm

All classes take place in the Bradgers Room

Try a session, block book for 4 or 6.

1 Session PAYG : £12

4 Session Block : £40

6 Session Block : £60



Phone: 07528 471091


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