Kojo Karate Kai

Kojo was opened up in 1986 by Sensei Julius George, 5th Dan, which has operated at Bushmead Community Centre for over 20 years. 

It teaches traditional Shotokan Karate under the Bukonkai Karate International association, we have seen many people thrive over the years and progress to the stage of 1st Dan, or black belt to some. 

Since Sensei George moved to France in  2014 the club is now run by his student Senpai Kieran Broderick, 2nd Dan.

We teach ranging from the beginning age of 7 with no limitations after this and the sessions.

The club welcomes anyone from all walks of life, so if you have thought of starting self defence then feel free to come on by. If you wish to watch, that is more than welcome. Should you choose to take part, the first lesson is always free. 


Tuesdays (Bradgers Room):  8pm - 9.30pm at £4 per session
Thursdays (Manning Hall):     8pm - 9.30pm at £5 per session


Name: Kieran Broderick | Sensei

Phone: 07808 528116

E-mail: kojokaratekai@gmail.com

Facebook: Kojo.Karate.Kai


Hard working class. It’s not massive which makes it’s more one to one. And they always push us to do the best we can. It's great fun. #